A Fraud, Insane, Or The Truth?

"No one ever spoke like this man."
John 7:46

Students of world history all agree that the individual who made the greatest impact on humanity was the carpenter from Nazareth, Jesus Christ. So many great world leaders such as Napoleon, Ghandi, and others say that this individual gave the greatest teaching and exercised the most profound moral influence for good of any person who ever lived.

Even people who would never say they are Christians agree that there was something about Jesus that set Him apart from the rest of humanity.

It is all the more remarkable considering that Jesus was never a world traveler, never wrote a book, was not involved with the rich and famous of His time, did not serve as a politician, did not start a place of higher learning, nor did He ever graduate from any school or university of His day.

Yet more books have been written about Him and His teaching than any other figure in history. His people have been burned at the stake, vilified, imprisoned, and brutally treated, all because they follow His teaching.

His disciples have done more for humanity than the followers of any other person in history. His people have established hospitals, institutions for higher learning, and have been among the most brilliant researchers and scientists of all time.

Many humanitarian organizations have been established in his name. Nations have benefitted greatly by the involvement of His people in politics. Yet for all this He was only in the public eye for perhaps 3 1/2 years. Never has any person done so much good for so many, changed the course of history so profoundly, in such a short period of time, and who only had a handful of followers when He died.

Yet Jesus made claims about Himself that would have been identified as the ranting of a lunatic if spoken by any other person. How did Jesus get away with it? Why did (and do) people from all levels of society accept His claims to be God, to be able to forgive people their sins, Who claimed to be able to meet the deepest needs of humanity and Who demanded complete obedience and personal sacrifice from those who follow Him?

Only if He was really Who He said He was could the world be so dramatically changed by Him and His followers.

This Jesus of Nazareth calls on all of us to give up our own plans for our lives and come  follow Him. Jesus taught that those who lose their lives for His sake and His message will save their lives (Mark 8:35). So, if you have submitted to Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, you have already chosen to accept what He will bring into your life now so that you may know and enjoy His presence forever. Keep looking to Jesus, weary disciple of His, do not glue your eyes on the problems you endure. In Jesus' presence is fullness of joy and at His right hand there are pleasures forevermore. (Psalm 16:11)

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