Bumblebees Can't Fly, Or Can They?

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.
Genesis 1:31 (NIV)

During the course of the twentieth century some people, Christians included, laughed at scientists because these people were under the mistaken impression that science proved that bumblebees could not fly. Of course science proved no such thing, nor did scientists ever suggest such nonsense.

The truth of the matter was that scientists did not understand how these creatures flew given their small wings. Now science has explained clearly how these creatures do manage to fly, given their set of wings.

Through science we have made remarkable medical advances. Scientists have uncovered some of the great glories of the universe, as telescopes reach farther and farther into deep space. Great discoveries concerning the wisdom of the Creator in putting together such a finely tuned world all come to us through scientific research.

For a galaxy to have solar systems with planets that could sustain life, the right kind of black hole is needed at the center of the galaxy. After that, the solar system needs to be placed in just the correct position in the galaxy. Then the sun in the particular solar system has to be of the right class.

The correct materials in the proper proportions need to be present on and in the planet. The planet must be the right distance from the sun and it needs to rotate at the correct speed on its axis. It needs a strong magnetic field to shield the surface of the planet from harmful radiation from the sun—and on it goes.

As we learn more and more from science about the finely tuned world we live in, it becomes increasingly difficult to believe that there are other planets out in space that could support complex life.

So science demonstrates that our planet is very good in the way it was constructed. Everything necessary to sustain our lives is provided in the organization of the planet we live on. Our planet may be exceedingly rare or unique in the universe but it is very good in its construction.

With all the beauties of our world, there are some cracks showing such as death, the problem of evil and so on. Somewhere, somehow, something has gone drastically wrong  with the world that began very good.

Only in the Bible can we find a satisfactory answer to the problems of evil and death. The simple, elegant explanation of creation and the subsequent story of how evil entered a perfect creation is told in a way that contrasts with the ancient and fanciful creation stories of primitive societies.

If you struggle today to understand how the good creation went bad and what the Creator is doing to correct the problem, start your reading in Genesis—the first book of the Bible. Then turn to the Gospels and read about the second Adam who came to reverse what the first Adam messed up (see also Romans 5).

There is hope, there is light, and it is found in the Carpenter Who lived and walked among us so many years ago.

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