“Death Be Not Proud….

“And death shall be no more;
Death, thou shalt die.”
John Donne (1633)

“Where, O death, is your victory?
Where, O death, is your sting?”
1 Corinthians 15:55 (NIV)

Being a lifelong voracious reader, I enjoyed a wide range of subject matter from science to biography to fiction. Yes, even some modern science fiction!

As a preteen I well recall the local librarian steering me to a relatively recent biography with the title borrowed from the Anglican poet John Donne. It was the biography of an American journalist’s son Jonnie Gunther. Jonnie was a brilliant young man who bravely fought a lethal brain tumour. It was the first time I truly felt that death was no respecter of people and I could die young just like this dear son. The book started me on what was to be a ten year long journey to the cross of Christ.

When the pandemic lockdowns were in force, families in mourning were unable to receive the comfort of gathering with relatives and friends to celebrate the life of the absent loved one. Often the death notice concluded with words like, “A celebration of life will be held at a later time.” An especially cruel aspect of the pandemic was thus revealed. At the precise time loved ones, family and friends, are most needed we are denied their presence.

Yet, for the Christian, there is a hope that pierces through the darkness of the enemy we call death.

“He has risen just as He said!” Matthew 28:6

Such was the angelic announcement to the women who came to the empty tomb Easter Sunday morning. The angels even invited the confused women to come and see the empty tomb.

Dear reader, do you have the hope of this glorious Easter season to stabilize your heart and provide you with a hope that overcomes darkness? Are you finding comfort in the living presence of the resurrected Good Shepherd? Does He speak peace to your heart right now?

If not, why not? This same Jesus Who rose from the dead invites you to come to Him with all your fears and find comfort in His arms. He urges everyone who struggles with life to learn from Him for He is meek and gentle in spirit and you shall find rest for your weary soul.

Come to Him and come today.

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