How much are you worth?

“You are precious and honoured in My sight”
Isaiah 43:4

I love jewellery stores. I could wander through them all day long it seems. The more expensive the jewellery the happier I am to see it. Marketing jewellery is a science these days. It seems that special lights are put into the ceilings of jewellery stores to better show the dazzling beauty of the cut stones. I have observed that the rings have a greater brilliance in the store than when you take it out of the store.

God has placed precious stones in our world and given some people special skills at cutting these stones to demonstrate His love of beauty. I think this is a main reason for my habit of going into stores that display precious stones. I derive much pleasure in witnessing the creative activity of God and such stores are a prime place to see the handiwork of God. Salespeople in these stores are disappointed at my lack of desire to own their wares, but I am always smiling when I leave empty handed.

In many ways God speaks to His people and assures them of their worth in His sight. The various expression God chooses to express His pleasure in His people ought to give us great confidence of our standing before Him.

When I read our verse for today, I automatically think of precious stones like the ones I see in the stores. In Malachi 3:17 God speaks of His people in a similar manner when He says, “They will be Mine in the day when I make up My treasured possession.”

Jesus speaks of the worth of God’s people in Matt. 10:29ff when He talks about the small value of sparrows, almost worthless in our sight, but God cares when they die. So Jesus argues from the lesser to the greater and asks the question, “So do not be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.”

In 1 Corinthians 6:20 Paul tells his readers that they “were bought at a price.” What Paul says is that we were of so much worth to God that He paid for us with the death of His own well beloved Son. The Father has paid hugely to make us His people. We all know that when we pay a high price for something we tend to treasure it according to what we paid to obtain it.

So this is another reason to recognize our worth to God. If we are wondering about how much Jesus loves us we are to remember that he died for us. As Jesus said (John 15:13), “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”

Most of us cannot say someone loved us so much that they died for our sake. Yet, if we are Jesus’ followers we can say Someone has loved us so much He died for us.

Are you one who knows and senses this powerful love? Do you see yourself as precious in God’s sight? Does our verse today speak to you words of comfort and encouragement? If not why not? These amazing comments by God are for all who love and serve Him.

Perhaps today you need to commit yourself to this loving God who sees us as precious even though the entire world ignores us. Even though very few people even know who you are you can be a friend of Jesus if you will follow Him.

Bow your heart before your Creator and humbly ask Him to make you His child for Jesus’ sake. Ask Him to make you a part of His family forever. He is calling today. Become one of His precious jewels that He will gather at the end of time to be His special possession for eternity.

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