Hungering for God

'I have treasured the words of his mouth
more than my daily bread.''
Job 23:12

I can still remember the delicious odor that floated through the air of the farmhouse kitchen as we came in off the fields for our noon meal. My grandmother had been busy that morning baking 5-6 loaves of bread. The bread was waiting for us to arrive and sample it.

If my grandmother looked the other way we would quickly seize a knife and cut off the crusty ends. The ends of the loaf were the best part as far as we were concerned. Slapping on some butter we would savor every bite as the warm bread was consumed. However, our verse today refers to our complete diet and not just delicious bread.

Eating is not only a pleasurable experience, it is essential to sustaining life. All of us "treasure" our food and each one of us has our favorite dish.

God's people can testify to how sweet the promises of Scripture are to us in times of special need. We may have read a certain verse various times over the years when suddenly it leaps off the page and grips our hearts.

The darkness in which we have walked is gone and the way ahead is filled with light. The burden we have carried so long is lifted and we find new energy to carry on. This is what the Word of God does for His people.

In Proverbs we find practical wisdom for everyday living. The Psalms and Isaiah have words of comfort. The Gospels relate various portraits of Jesus' magnificent character and records His words of eternal life. Colossians tells us of the eternal nature of our Lord. On it goes as we read the Scriptures. Everything in the Bible connects us to the living Word, Jesus Christ.

If you have not taken your Bible down and read a chapter lately I encourage you to get it out and read Psalm 23 or Isaiah 40 for a start. Pray before you read and pause as you are reading. If you truly seek the Lord as you read Scripture He will come to you and bless you with fresh hope and joy to carry on in the battle of life.

May you find a new or renewed appetite for Scripture so that you become strong in the Lord. Your Creator longs to speak strength and comfort to you. Come to Him today and renew your commitment to walk with Him all the way home.

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