Making Sense Of Life

"The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God.'"
Psalm 14:1 (NIV)

When I first toured the vast Canadian Rocky Mountains I was left breathless by their grandeur and spectacularly immense size.

The emerald coloured glacial waters that flowed around the mountains as rivers gave a touch of artistry that caused me to stare in amazement.

Some of the greatest minds in history have believed there must be a God behind what we see and observe in the universe. People such as Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, Max Planck, and Erwin Schrodinger have all spoken of their belief in a God who got the universe together in such an amazing and balanced manner.

If the truth was known, many scientists who deny God do so for moral not intellectual reasons. If we admit there is a God out there, thinking people immediately recognize that there are consequences to such an admission.

If God exists we need to find out what He expects from us. Does He want us to live in a certain way? Do we answer to Him for what we do with our lives and how we relate to one another?

I believe that many people confess to be atheists simply to avoid the obvious responsibilities they would have if they acknowledged Him. They wish to be free from anything that would restrain their way of living.

They do not want to be accountable to anyone.

Absolute freedom is what they desire.

Our verse today is blunt and to the point. Let it never be said that God is "politically correct".

When a controversial statement needs to be made God will make it.

Only a fool can look at our exquisitely beautiful world with all its evidence of design and purpose and insist no One is behind it all.

Acknowledge that the wisdom it took to construct the universe is more than enough to guide you through this life. Accept the teaching of Jesus that you are worth so much more than the birds (Matthew 6:26).

The God Who runs the entire universe is quite able to guide the events of your life for your ultimate good.

Use your eyes to see the beauty of a sunset, listen to the birds that sing their Creator's praise.

May all that you see and hear today, draw you near the Creator in humble submission to His plan and purpose for your life.

He deserves to be trusted even in those times when you cannot understand Him.

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