Never Forsaken

“And surely I am with you always,
to the very end of the age.”
Matthew 28:20 NIV

A miserable person was at the ticket stall in an airport one day. When it was her turn to speak to the agent she had a long list of complaints to deliver to him.

Her final word was, “Young man if you do not do something about my complaints I will never fly on your airline again.” The ticket agent looked at the line of customers behind the lady and slowly said to them, “Promises, promises, promises, all I get are promises.”

Well, we smile at the humour of the situation, but many people have had promises made to them only to have the other person break their promise. This can be devastating when the promise breaker is a marriage partner, an employer who promised a significant raise in salary, or another promise breaker.

At times the promise breaker has no choice. Sudden, serious illness can cause promises to be broken. Lack of resources can mean a broken promise. Other unexpected matters appear and suddenly the person must break their promise.

Yes, lack of resources, unanticipated circumstances, poor planning and other variables can intervene to force a person to break a promise.

However, we know that the Lord has all wisdom to plan perfectly. He has infinite resources to support His intentions. Nothing, nor anyone, can cause the Lord to be defeated in what He promises to do.

This is why we can believe Him when He promises to be with us always. The words of John Newton come to mind and I leave you with this statement by the old converted sailor, slave trader and Anglican cleric.

Begone unbelief my Saviour is near
And for my relief will surely appear

By faith let me wrestle and He will perform,
With Christ in the vessel I smile at the storm.

Tho dark be my way, since He is my guide
Tis mine to obey, Tis His to provide

Tho cisterns be broken, and creatures all fail
The word He has spoken shall surely prevail.

I will not complain of want or distress
Temptation or pain, He promised no less.

Though painful at present, will cease before long
And then O! how pleasant the Conqueror’s song.

John Newton

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