Remember Me

“Lord remember me”
Luke 23:42

We are in the midst of winter and have endured creation’s bluster and cold. This is the time of year that people seem most discouraged and depressed. Counsellors seem to be busiest from after Christmas until Easter. The nights are long and the days cloudy and short. We long for the warmth of the sun and the blooming of the spring flowers.

The man who uttered the words of our text was in spiritual darkness and was being crucified beside Jesus, the Light of the world. He was extremely aware of his need and sensed that the One beside him could give him light for the darkness of death that was descending upon him.

Sometimes people in sorrow feel they are walking in darkness and need the day to dawn. Their misery has taken away the light of day and nothing but blackness can be seen on their horizon.

What is needed is to see God when we are in darkness. We need to have Him come to us and make His presence known. We need to pray and pray as this man on the cross prayed to Jesus. Our prayers need to be demanding if you will. When you look at the words this man uttered in the original Greek text of the Bible you discover that he commanded Jesus to remember him. He did not ask or suggest, he commanded Jesus to remember him.

There must be urgency and persistence as we call out to God to take away the darkness of our night and let us delight in His holy presence. God loves to hear us and answer prayer and we may be bold when the need is great. This man’s situation required an urgent calling on God. And when he spoke so boldly Jesus assured him that his prayer would be answered that very day.

God tells us that He comes to the lowly but the proud He sees from a distance. He also says He is near to the broken hearted. He shows His face and morning dawns. We do not need to wait for heaven to bask in the presence of God. He draws near to all who seek Him in truth.

If you sense you are far away from God today, come to Jesus and ask Him to make you clean and suitable for God’s society. Your prayer does not need to follow some ritual or ceremony. Many people in Scripture found peace with God by the simplest prayers you could imagine. All the repentant thief said to Jesus on the cross was, “Jesus, remember me when You come in Your kingdom.” It does not get simpler that that! How humble and to the point.

The humblest supplicant cannot fail to have his needs supplied,
Since He for sinners intercedes Who once for sinners died.

Use your own words, say your prayer in language you understand.

Will you seek God persistently today until the morning dawns with joy? Come to Him now He gently waits to hear your voice and to give you light for darkness.

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