“Settle Down”

“Stop letting your hearts trouble you”
John 14:1

John 13-17 is what we commonly call the Upper Room Discourse.  We read in John 14:31 that they departed the upper room and began the journey to Gethsemane where Jesus would be betrayed and arrested. So most of this discourse took place en route to the garden where Jesus and the disciples often went for prayer.

Our text today is a command by the Saviour to the disciples to calm down. In other words they were upset. Reading John 13 we see one thing Jesus did, and three things He said, that were the source of their trauma. When Jesus washed the disciples’ feet it was very upsetting for the apostles. Then Jesus told them He was leaving and they could not come with Him. He followed up that dreadful news with the statement that one of them was a traitor. Finally, in front of them all, He told Peter that he would deny Him three times.

Our hearts must go out to the apostles as we see their reaction to the terrible statements that Jesus uttered. Their reaction was very understandable. Who would not be traumatized by such information?

But how can a person calm down when such tragic news is announced? The answer to that question is contained in John 14:1b to 17:26. Here we have one of the most sustained portions of Scripture on the subject of how to calm down in times of great trouble.

Take a few minutes today to read this passage and take hold of some aspect of Jesus’ teaching to comfort and nurture your heart. The apostle Paul puts it well when he wrote in 2 Timothy 1:7 “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.”

May you find yourself strengthened today by the very gracious words of our beloved Master Jesus Christ. May the promised Spirit guide you into Scriptures that not only sustain you but strengthen you to conquer fear and be empowered to overcome whatever obstacles are in front of you.

Also it might help if you know someone who is struggling, to encourage them to read this passage for themselves. Suggest they find one specific comment by Jesus that is very suitable to their situation. Then pray that the Holy Spirit will guide their thoughts and empower them to rise above the problem and overcome any obstacles in their way.

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