Signs Or No Signs

“Then some of the scribes and Pharisees said to Him,
‘Teacher, we want to see a sign from You.’  
But He answered and said to them, 
‘An evil and adulterous generation craves a sign;
and so no sign will be given to it
except the sign of Jonah the prophet; 
for just as Jonah was in the stomach
of the sea monster for three days and three nights,
so will the Son of Man be in the heart of the earth
for three days and three nights.’”
Matthew 12:38-40 (NASB)

As I recuperated at home from a major surgery some years ago, I turned on the TV to watch a Sunday church service. I found one where the pastor was urging people to seek their own personal miracle. I was fascinated by his sincere plea for his audience to pray in faith for their miracle. It all sounded so exciting to look for a “sign” from the Lord in the form of a miracle. The preacher called himself a “signs and wonders” man of God.

For many years “signs and wonders” preachers have lured many sincere believers into a false doctrine that God is waiting for us to pray in faith asking for our own sign from Him. These preachers teach that we must have a similar situation like the one in New Testament times. The apostles performed a variety of miracles as part of their ministry. The first generation of Christians had miracles to authenticate their message.

While I would have loved an immediate cure for my health issue, I knew better than to ask for an instant cure from my medical problem. Had the Lord given me a healing miracle I might have missed out on an opportunity to grow in grace and experience blessings from my loving Father in heaven.

When Jesus met up with the signs and wonders people of His day, He sternly rebuked them. He told them that the only sign He would give them was that of His death and resurrection. So, yes there is a glorious sign to make us wonder. That sign is the empty tomb. The great and glorious sign of Christianity is not the cross but the empty tomb. If our Lord is not risen, then our faith is useless, and we have no hope whatever.

Do you make little of our Good Shepherd’s resurrection? When you attend church every Sunday, do you think about why it is this day of the week that we gather to praise and worship our Master? Sunday is the day of resurrection! We meet to remember the greatest sign ever given by the Lord Jesus to His people.

This Sunday, make a special effort to celebrate the victory of your Saviour over your worst enemy, death. No sign can compare with this sign which is the greatest of all.

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