Sin for Sin's Sake

"...sin, when full grown, gives birth to death."
James 1:15 (NIV)

Some people are turned off the church because churches usually are against sin in any form. These people who have deserted the church have found their sin highly attractive, and do not understand why the church is opposed to something that is so much fun.

It should be noted that the Bible certainly speaks about how special sin really is, at least on the short term. The story of Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit is a prime example of how the Bible teaches us that sin is something highly desirable.

Adam and Eve looked at the fruit God told them to stay away from and it looked so ripe and delicious. As they gazed on the fruit, sin entered their hearts. They entertained the desire to have what was wrong. Then they acted on their desire.

If the fruit had been ugly or smelled bad, there would not have been anything to draw them to it. Once they admired the beauty of the fruit they took it and ate it. It was what came along with the sin that was frightening. Adam and Eve paid no attention to the barely visible baggage of the consequences of sin.

This is the tragedy of committing sin. All the fun and excitement comes at the beginning of the activity. It is later on that sinning is seen as lethal to our souls.

You can compare cancer to sin. It is well known that cancer generally commences its deadly work quietly or silently. No symptoms are felt until it has a firm grip on the person. Then, when its foothold is secure, it makes its presence known with a vengeance through pain.

Many a cancer patient will go 2-3 years not knowing the disease is present. It is the same with the pleasures of sin. The first while a person goes down a sinful road all seems well. The person enjoys the new experiences and holds sin close to their heart.

Alas, a habit is formed and all of a sudden the sinner's world comes apart and they are caught in a trap from which there does not seem an escape. How many people have become addicted to alcohol, or some street drug, and instead of spending their wages on food and shelter for the family, all their resources go into feeding their addiction.

The family leaves the alcoholic and the addict ends up in the slums of the city stealing or selling their bodies to gain cash for another dose of the drug.

The good news for someone who finds themselves trapped in the consequences of sin is that Jesus can set them free through the power of His resurrection. Coming to Jesus is not to be understood as a "quick fix" for all of life’s issues.

A person may continue to pay the consequences for a sinful habit. For example, an alcoholic who becomes a Christian may never win back his or her family. However, Jesus can wonderfully come into that person's life and energize them to overcome the addiction. Then, for the balance of life, the person may experience the peace of God in their heart. That peace is beyond explanation.

If you have had your world collapse through substance abuse or some other sinful activity that has a death grip on you, coming to Jesus is the best action you will ever take. Or, if a family member is the one who is trapped in sin, you cannot do better than draw them to the cross. Remember that the end result of sin is eternal death. Only through Jesus can we escape the final result of sin.

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