Something Worth Knowing

“…they have come to know”
John 17:7 (NIV)

I remember taking my 7 year old grandson through Ireland House, a historic home built and occupied in Burlington in the early 1800’s by the Ireland family from Yorkshire, England. Most of the furnishings are from the first generation of Irelands who occupied the large home. My grandson had done the official tour before so remembered much of the history of the family and the artifacts we saw.

For me the tour was a trip down memories lane. As a boy I had lived on a farm that was very basic, without indoor plumbing or electrical power. I knew why the main level stove pipes were exposed in the rooms on the second floor en route to the roof. They were the only heat the bedrooms upstairs ever had in winter. The home was really filled with various and sundry items from a farm house similar to the one in which I had lived.

The guide could not mention the use to which each item was put because of time constraints. However, several times I stopped my grandson and pointed out things such as apple peelers, cream separators, and even the bung hole on a butter churn to explain what they were for. What I was really doing was giving the little fellow useless information. I must say he was very polite and paid close attention to his Grandpa. However I know he will likely forget all that I tried to tell him.

I am not concerned about the boy forgetting the things mentioned in the old house. However, I very much want him to remember the things he had learned in church earlier that day. In the car on our way to the historic home I quizzed him about the Sunday School class he had attended that morning.

As he gave me a detailed description of the lesson, I complimented him on how he had retained so much of the Bible lesson he had heard. I tried to suggest how it related to his life. What I taught him about apple peelers and cream separators was totally useless trivia. But God’s Word contained information that was useful forever. I feel certain he knew the difference.

The words of Jesus in our verse for today are part of a prayer He made to the Father on behalf of His disciples. In the context Jesus tells us what the disciples had come to know. First they came to know that all the things Jesus had taught them came from the Father. They also came to understand that Jesus had come from heaven and was sent by the Father.

This is really something worth knowing. We may be ignorant of many things around us and be unable to explain what they are or what their purpose happens to be. But information about Jesus is priceless. It is far more significant than where you will get your next meal or the money to pay the rent or mortgage.

You really need to be persuaded that Jesus is the One who created what exists in our universe, that He invaded His own creation 2,000 years ago, that He came to fulfil the Father’s will to die and be raised again for the sins of His people and that He is God in human form.

You may never recognize an apple peeler if you saw one, but you really need to recognize and understand about Jesus. He is really worth knowing.

Do you believe Jesus is who He claimed to be? Have you sought Him to travel with you through the difficult path you may be treading at this time? He is really worth knowing. He is willing to reveal Himself to you today. Come and find out why He is so important.

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