The Best Protection in the World

“I protected them and kept them safe”
John 17:12 (NIV)

One sunny afternoon on our farm, the cows came running home. We quickly realized the reason they did was because of a nearby bear.

As long as bears left us alone on the farm, we did the same. But when they threatened our cows, we had to act fast and eliminate the danger.

My uncle knew what to do. He took the Model 92 Winchester rifle from the rack, grabbed some shells, loaded the empty gun, pumped a live cartridge into the firing chamber, clicked on the safety, and off we went. With the dog on a leash, we retraced the tracks of the cows to where our dog could pick up the scent.

I felt very safe, knowing that the slug from the rifle was more than a match for the bear, and that my uncle was a crack shot. The culprit was soon found and dispatched, never to frighten our cows again.

Have you been in a situation of life-threatening danger and felt safe? In today's verse, Jesus made sure that his disciples heard what He said. He did so to help them understand just how safe they were in this world because He and His Father were tending to their care.

Believing in Jesus doesn't mean that we'll never have a life-threatening situation come our way. God’s promise of protection doesn't mean we'll never know pain or loss.

Even though God can deliver us from trouble, it may not be His will to do so. Look at the story of Job for example. In it, God makes it clear that He doesn’t cancel pain and suffering.

Life is full of dangers for us including health issues, friends who abandon us, financial reversals, loss of reputation, and so on. We understand that we can't stop certain things from happening to us, there's simply nothing we can do about it.

Jesus prays for us to be protected from the sin that twists everything into opposition to God. He wants us to be like Him, holy and morally pure, to be protected from the sin and corruption that's present in the world.

Do you have this protection that Jesus offers to all who enlist Him to guide them through life?

Is it your first resolve in life to live for the One who offers the best protection in the world?

Or do you only seek Jesus when you need a quick fix to your current problem? His interest in you is for greater things than that.

He is more than able (and willing) to solve your eternal problems, not only those you have now.

Come to Jesus and find the resources and protection that are forever.

He will receive you with open arms. Then you will have the best protection in the world.

Come, and come today!

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