What United Nations?

“He shall be called...Prince of Peace.”
Isaiah 9:6

The United Nations was an organization founded after WW II by 51 countries to foster international cooperation and promote peace among them. Since then it has grown to include many more nations and continues to try to help keep peace among member nations.

The sad reality is that the United Nations is not “united” and various member nations have made war against each other from time to time. Our world has known more wars in the last 100 years than in any previous time in history.

The British author H.G. Wells published a book The War to End Wars. He was speaking about World War 1 in his book. Sadly the human race seems doomed to go on making wars until the end of time.

The only real hope for a final peace is to be found in the second coming of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.

When our Lord came the first time, He lived, died, and rose again in order to make peace for His people with God the Father. When He comes again, Jesus will conclude humanity’s efforts to dominate each other. This world order will end and the eternal kingdom of God will be established visibly and forever.

Christians believe that all efforts to bring an end to wars in our world will shipwreck on the rock of human sin.

If you read history, you will find that Christians have often been the people who have founded hospitals, established universities, created organizations to relieve poverty world wide and been on the front lines politically to reform society and improve the lot of humanity.

If you Google “The Clapham Sect” you will learn about a group of wealthy Christian business men and politicians in Britain who caused great changes to occur for good in the English speaking world. It was Christians who ended slavery in the British Empire. It was Christians who started the public school movement and Christians who were among the leaders in scientific discoveries that greatly advanced medicine.

So a serious study of what the followers of the Prince of Peace have done throughout history to stop suffering and improve society should encourage us all.

If you submit to the rule of Jesus in your life, you will find yourself part of a worldwide movement that will continue to relieve suffering and provide light in a dark world until the Prince of Peace comes to establish His eternal kingdom.

Read the Gospels—learn how Jesus came to make peace between us and our Creator. Recognize that He has the right to rule in your life. Join His church and become part of the solution to the conflict that continues to exist around us. Jesus invites all of us to be part of His kingdom and rise above the conflict that will continue until His final appearing.

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