When do you pray?

“Peter therefore was kept in prison:
but prayer was made without ceasing
of the church unto God for him.”
Acts 12:5 (KJV)

One of the most important but sadly neglected spiritual activities by many Christians is the work of prayer. Too many must confess that the only time they regularly pray is when they bow their heads to give thanks for their food.

In preparing this devotional I came across 4 texts that referred to praying without ceasing or incessant prayer (Acts 12:15; Romans 1:9; 1 Thess. 5:17; 2 Tim. 1:3). What a wonderful challenge to us to follow these examples of prayer!

Does this mean we must stop all routine activities and be alone in prayer all our waking hours? Not at all.

In John 11 we read of our Lord having conversations with Martha and Mary. Then when Jesus was brought to the grave of Lazarus He wept. Then He told the people to roll away the stone from in front of the grave where the dead man Lazarus was buried. Then He prayed audibly. Finally He cried in a loud voice, “Lazarus come out.” And Lazarus came out of the grave. Jesus then spoke to the people to remove the grave clothes from Lazarus.

So we read of a period of possibly an hour or so in which Jesus only prayed for a moment.

When we are commanded to pray always it means to have spontaneous moments of prayer all through the day. It means to be so connected to the Lord that we say sentence prayers anytime that it is suitable.

Do you find yourself doing this? A sentence prayer of thanks? A sentence asking for help? A sentence asking blessing on someone to whom you just spoke?

Do you pray without ceasing? May you begin today to access the infinite resources of our loving Father in heaven and learn the innumerable blessings of being in the attitude of constant prayer.

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