Where Can A Person
Find Peace And Quiet?

“You make known to me the path of life;
you will fill me with joy in your presence,
with eternal pleasures at your right hand.
 Psalm 16:11 (NIV)

As a child I was rather noisy. Somehow my older brother and younger sister were peaceful children so I decided to make up for their silence. Often my mother would cry out in exasperation, “All I want is some peace and quiet.”

When my mother made that comment I knew she was inviting me to leave the house and play outside. Naturally I complied with her wishes lest I get into serious trouble.

In our text for today we read how the Psalmist speaks of something God gives him for this life and something else that God grants him for all eternity.

What the Psalmist sees as God’s gift for the present is not what many people long for in this life. Many people come to their Creator with the hope that God will give them health, wealth and good children in this life. When they find disappointment in one or all of these areas, they tend to blame God for not meeting their expectations.

The writer of today’s verse makes it clear that he believes that God is guiding him along on the path of life. However, the Psalmist is not under any illusion that God is a celestial Santa Claus who bestows on us abundant blessings here and now.

God’s children—in every generation—find life in this world is often messy, filled with suffering, and at times almost unbearable. No one should seek to be a child of God to gain riches, fame and glory in this life. God never promises any such thing. The Psalmist knows there is no real “peace and quiet” in this life, but he believes that when he arrives in the presence of God there will be joy unspeakable and pleasures forever more.

Have you found yourself thinking that God must fill your life with joy and happiness now? If so perhaps it is time to refocus your sight and look to eternity for the peace and quiet that is lacking right now.

Treasure in your heart the knowledge that God is your God, He is your Father and He is going to walk through life with you in times of joy and of sorrow. He will constantly lead you on the path of life while you remain in this world.

Then, when eternity dawns for you, He will give you the joy and delights that may have eluded you here. Once on the other side of death you will soon forget the sorrows you had to bear in this world for the amazing and unspeakably glorious things prepared for you there.

No one who puts their trust in the Lord will ever be put to shame and end up regretting the fact they walked with God here and now.

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