Whose Life Is It Anyway?

“…for he knows how we are formed,
he remembers that we are dust.”
Psalm 103:14 (NIV

The person had been an oldest child in the family and the parents had their hearts set on this child doing a degree in business administration and one day taking over the large family business. All through the child’s growing years the parents spoke incessantly about how the child was a prodigy and destined to take the business community by storm. I only had brief encounters with the young person so I do not recall hearing what their own ambitions were as an adult.

Occasionally the child showed signs of dysfunction that were glossed over by the parents. They dismissed the absences from church as necessary for study and obtaining the highest marks needed for scholarships and the challenges of higher education.

Then the child “disappeared” for a year and the excuses were vague and without detail of any sort. When the child returned to the neighbourhood their physical appearance and stilted speech gave evidence of a disturbing reality. This young person was suffering terribly and everyone wondered what was wrong.

In the next couple of years everything became unravelled as the parents finally admitted their child was not going to university at all or a taking on the reigns of the family business. What was wrong was that the parents had sought to live their child’s life for them.

How many people in life suffer from being pushed into a mould where they do not fit. Either the person or those around them put expectations on them that they cannot live up to regardless of how hard they try. The torment mentally and emotionally is extreme.

The beautiful verse today reminds us that our Creator knows us as individuals and deals with us as we are and where we are. God does not expect a person with only average physical ability to star in the Olympics. God created that person for different things in life. How many people have had tragic lives because unrealistic expectations have been put on them by others or by themselves? They are set-up for failure.

It is so important for each person in life to discover why God has made them as He has and then humbly submit themselves to the obvious will of God for their lives.

If you have come to ruin in your life because of inappropriate demands being put on you, turn to the God Who made you and ask Him to direct your footsteps. Call on Him to show you what the plan for your journey through life really should be.

God will speak to all who humbly listen for His voice. He will draw near to those who submit to His will. He will not demand from you what He has not gifted you to perform. Come to Him just as you are. The Lord lovingly guides all who commit themselves to Him.

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