Wise Choices

"At once they left their nets and followed him."
Matthew 4:20 (NIV)

At various times in a person's lifetime, they're called on to choose between alternatives.

For example, when leaving high school do you go to university or look for a full time job? If you go on for further education, what direction should you take?

Should you go into social work, business, medicine, accounting—and on it goes.

Who should you date and marry? How many children should you have?

If we make the right choices, we'll do well, but if our decisions are poorly made, we'll likely lead unhappy and unproductive lives.

It was possibly around autumn A.D. 27, and the fame of Jesus was spreading.

This self appointed preacher (without proper training) was bothering the official religious leaders (John 2; Luke 4:16-31).

So, some negative thoughts clouded the reputation of Jesus.

But, on the other hand, Jesus was doing things like turning water to wine and healing the sick (John 2:11; John 4:46-54) that clearly indicated He had a power the rabbis did not possess.

Everyone was talking about Him (Luke 4:14-15).

As Jesus walked along the shore of the Sea of Galilee one day, He encountered Peter and his brother Andrew, fishing. Apparently they had some previous contact with Jesus for when He called on them to follow Him they left their fishing business immediately and followed Him.

These two men made a wise choice even though there were rumours about that Jesus was not the Messiah.

They didn't hesitate to commit their entire future to this Man.

So it should be with us.

When Jesus calls us to Himself, we should immediately, without hesitation, follow Him.

As we grow in the faith we need to have the same enthusiasm to do quickly what the Saviour tells us to do—through His Word the Bible, through providence, through hearing the Scripture preached, after serious prayer, and also through the counsel of wise, mature Christians.

The Lord speaks through all of these channels.

How attentive are you to the Word of Christ? Do you offer Him an obedient and loving heart? Are you ready to do whatever He beckons as soon as He makes His will clear?

May all of us be enthusiastic followers of Jesus today.

Perhaps one or another of us will be strong and powerful in our witness as Peter was.

Get up and be doing your Master's business today. He is calling you, listen and act. He shall certainly bless you.

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